Thermoval Valve Stocking Program

Thermoval Solenoid Valves USA offers a complete line of high-quality solenoid valves.  The Thermoval advantage is all the solenoid valves are manufactured with thermal class HR 200°C copper wire.  This distinguishes them from most other suppliers who use class F 155C copper wire, shortening the life of the valves and compromising performance.  Thermoval solenoid valves are more resistant in terms of their dielectric, thermal, chemical and hermetic characteristics.

Foust Marketing and Thermoval are offering a New Stocking Program for their complete line of solenoid valves.  In addition to the highest quality valves, Thermoval is an excellent alternative to industry standard solenoid valves.  Our distributors are able to purchase directly from Thermoval instead of having to go through master distributors.  This not only allows our distributors to maximize margins but have access to end users at a competitive price.

With a commitment to valve inventory, Thermoval will offer special pricing.  Contact our sales team for more details.