Lutz drum and container pumps are constructed to assure safety and economy when transferring neutral, aggressive and flammable liquids from different-sized containers.  They will used for pumping aqueous and light viscous liquids in mobile or stationary use.

The wide variety of fluids and container types/dimensions necessitates an extensive range of different drum pump models.  Lutz Drum Pumps are available in a variety of materials, equipped with motors adapted to the output requirement for differing voltages as well as pneumatically operated, with the required delivery rate and suitable sealing system.  Drum pump tubes are available in various tube lengths, the line is accompanied by a wide range of accessories.

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Drum and Container Pumps

Electrical and Pneumatic Drum and Container Pump Motors. All Lutz Motors are interchangeable with all Lutz Pump Tubes. Pump Tubes available in Polypropylene, PVDF, Mixing Tubes, Complete Drainage Tubes, Aluminum, Hastelloy C, Stainless Steel, Pure FDA and Progressive Cavity Tubes. Lutz Drum Pump Sets

Flow Meters

Lutz Flowmeter TR Series
Quick, Easy and Precise
Lutz Modular Flow Control System
TS Series: Nutating disc principle
Lutz Modular Flow Control System
HDO Series: Oval gear principle

Double Diaphragm Pumps

The Lutz AOD pump range comprises a 1/4” size, all the way to a 3” size.
Lutz AIRTRAN™ pump housings are available in
Polypropylene, PVDF, Nylon, Conductive Nylon, Aluminum and Stainless Steel, the membranes, ball valves and o-rings are available in Teflon®, FKM (Viton®), Geolast® (Buna-N) and Santoprene®.
Pump capacities go up to 255 GPM with maximum air pressures up to 120 PSI.


Drum Pumps Sets, Nozzles, Hose Clamps, Bung Adapters, Emission Proof Drum Adapter, Foot Strainer, Wall Brackets, PVC Hose, Electrically Conductive Hose, Chemical Hose, Hose Connection, Quick Action Hose Coupling, Barrel Adapter, Lifting Bail, Grounding Wire.