Harrison Superduct® systems are fabricated to your specifications. Our large diameter Harrison Superduct® PVC pipe & CPVC pipe is offered from 2″ to 60″. PP, PVC, CPVC, HDPE materials available. Complete piping and fittings systems for air and pollution control systems. Corrosion resistant air handling systems available. Round and rectangular duct. Plastic pipe fittings made to customer or SMACNA specifications.

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Pipe, Duct

PVC large diameter pipe 18″-36″; SuperDuct PVC 2″-60″. CPVC extruded thru 24″; Fabricated thru 60″; Larger sizes available per customer design. SuperPro Black PP 1/2″-12″; PP Duct 2″-60″.

Double Containment

PVC , CPVC Double Containment.

Fabricated Fittings

PVC, CPVC, PP; Schedule 40 and 80; SDR 26, 41; Sizes thru 24″; All common configurations available: elbows (90°, 45°, 22 1/2°, 11 1/4°), couplings, tees, sanitary tees, wyes, true wyes, combos, crosses, reducing couplings and bushings, flanges, caps, and plugs. Fabricated dampers and blast gates for PVC and CPVC duct systems.

Custom Fabrication

Machined fittings (CNC Capabilities), models and prototypes, tanks, drip pans, pipe manifold/header systems, tank covers, forming, bending, threading, custom formed angle, pipe (cut to order), perforated pipe, slotted pipe, perforated sheet, sheet stock (full or custom cut), welding rod, and welding equipment.