Thermoval Solenoid Valves USA offers a complete line of high-quality solenoid valves.  The Thermoval advantage is all of the solenoid valves area manufactured with thermal class HR 200°C copper wire.  This distinguishes them from most other suppliers who use class F 155C copper wire, shortening the life of the valves and compromising performance.  Thermoval products are more resistant in terms of their dielectric, thermal, chemical and hermetic characteristics.

Thermoval is equipped with advanced machinery and instrumentation and provides product education, training, and solutions for a wide range of industrial processes.

Road, Sea and Air Transportation
Energy and Environment
Food and Beverage
Manufacturing and Industrial Automation
Wood, Cement and Mining
Health and Chemical
Water Treatment – Cooling tower and Boiler

Product Line

Solenoid Valves
Pneumatic Valves
Bag Filter Valves
Position Monitors
Air Preparation Systems
Safety Valves

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Manufacturing & Industrial Automation

ON/OFF Gas System
Proportional Valve Fuel System
Dispenser Manifold Fuel System
Double Stage Fuel System
Electronic Drain Purging System
Safety Valve

Energy & Environment

Explosion Proof Universal Operation
Namur Valve
Steam Production System
Position Monitor
Water Quality Monitoring System

Wood, Cement & Mining

Compression Connection
Immersion Connection
Bulkhead Connector
Electronic Connector
Flanged Connection
Thread Connection

Road, Sea & Air Transportation

Heating System, Gas and Water Flow
Truck Dumping Mechanism Control
Sanitary System
Gearbox Drive System
Air Preparation System

Healthcare & Chemical

Prophylaxis System
System for Moving Surgical Tables and Hospital Stretchers
Hospital X-Ray System
Medical and Dental Autoclaves
Medical and Dental Equipment

Food & Beverage

LPG Gas Release System
LPG/NG Gas Release System Manifold
Refrigerant Gas Release System
Filter Drier
Safety Valve