Foust Marketing—How to Bevel Large Diameter Plastic Pipe

Why bevel plastic pipe? All plastic pipe schedules 40 and 80 should be beveled prior to the application of IPS Weld-On primer and solvent cement.  Correctly beveling the pipe will allow the cement and melted plastic to evenly flow and allow for a pipe joint to be completely bottomed out. ... Read More

Pulsafeeder—How to Prime a Chemical Metering Pump

Priming Turn on the power to the pump.  The green LED (not available on all models) will light up and flash off each time the pump strokes. Adjust the stroke rate knob to the 100% setting mark. Adjust the stroke length knob to the 100% setting mark if applicable. If... Read More

IPS Weld-On—How to Repair Leaking Plastic Pipe Joints

IPS Weld-On® continues to lead the industry with quality products, training, and education for PVC, CPVC, and ABS primers, solvent cements, and thread sealants. When proper installation techniques are not completely followed we recommend cutting the leaking fitting out and replacing the joint.  When that is not possible we suggest... Read More