King Plastic Corporation has been developing and manufacturing high quality polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes since 1968.  King Plastic manufactures products including King StarBoard®, King CuttingBoard®, King ColorCore®, King ColorBoard®, King PipeGrade® and King Hy-Pact®.  Materials include HDPE and LDPE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), and ABS.

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King StarBoard®

King StarBoard® ST, King StarBoard®,
King StarBoard® AS, King StarBoard® XL,
King StarLite® XL.

King ColorBoard®/King ColorCore®

King ColorBoard®, King ColorCore®.

King CuttingBoard®

King CuttingBoard®, King CuttingBoard® XL,
King CuttingColors®.

King-Size Blocks

Blocks and Slabs HDPE, LDPE, PP.