Champion Strut® and Champion Hangers® is a complete system of corrosion resistant fiberglass components including strut (channel) and a wide variety of fittings, hangers, threaded rods, nuts and accessories.  Available in both polyester and vinyl ester resins.

Features and Benefits

All components are completely interchangeable and can retrofit with existing fiberglass strut.
Competitively priced
UV resistant
Fire retardant
Corrosion resistant

Corrosion doesn’t have to be a fact of life, choose Champion Strut® for your framing and mounting construction needs.

For more information, visit the Champion Downloads page for detailed brochures.

Champion Strut®

Champion Strut®, a complete system of fiberglass components, includes strut (channel) and a wide variety of fittings, threaded rods, nuts and accessories. It is available in both polyester and vinyl ester resins and supplied in standard 10-foot lengths.

Champion Hangers®

Champion bridge hangers are the right match for non-metallic conduit. These fiberglass conduit hangers are available in two standard configurations: the popular Intermediate Hanger and our Anchor Hanger (an Intermediate Hanger with side bracing). Along with the standard options listed above, Champion Hangers® also come in alternate configurations, so you always have the right fit for your bridge-related projects.

Champion Bridge Drain®

Champion Bridge Drain™ is a fiberglass bridge drain system that includes a complete line of fittings, non-metallic accessories and hangers. Champion Bridge Drain is a versatile, high-strength fiberglass bridge drainage system that can be used in many highly corrosive drainage applications including bridges, theme parks, aquariums, pools and underground vaults. Run-off waters commonly contain waste materials, heavy metals or hydrocarbon traces. In winter, in some cold regions, they can also contain de-icing salts.