Volume 9, Issue 5

Pulsafeeder—New Polymer Makedown System.

The Polymer Makedown System from Pulsafeeder is a simple and cost-effective way of mixing neat polymer with water to effectively makedown the neat polymer into polymer suitable for water  treatment.  The Polymer Makedown System features a proprietary Static Blending System which provides excellent dilution, and offered in manual and automatic control that can include mixers, tanks, and automatic batch control with tank level sensors.

Water Clarification
Wastewater Treatment
Food and Beverage
Paint Overspray Water Systems
Industrial Process Treatment

The system offers a wide range of dilution that utilizes three different water flow rates from (0-5 GPM, 5-10 GPM, and 10+ GPM).  The Static Blend System is custom sized to provide activation of all types of polymers.  The systems include back pressure valves to maintain a consistent final product,  calibration column for easy verification of the exact neat polymer injection rate, and an adjustable  low meter for incoming water.

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