April 15, 2012 – The Woodlands, TX — Sodium hypochlorite, used in water treatment, aquatic centers, and industrial/chemical applications, can become trapped in the body cavity of a closed ball valve and create failure conditions as the unstable chemical decomposes.  Sodium hypochlorite has been found to cause stress cracking in polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVDF materials. And metallic materials react, causing rapid decomposition of the “hypo.” However, PVC and CPVC, with fluorocarbon rubber (FKM) seals, have been successfully used for years to handle this aggressive chemical.

The Chemtrol Bleach Ball Valve offers a viable solution for sodium hypochlorite transfer and injection applications. Our unique factory-assembled bleach ball valve has effectively eliminated the problems associated with these applications. By ensuring that all inner surfaces of the valve are kept constantly wetted and vented to the upstream side when the valve is in the closed position, we have eliminated the conditions required for gas accumulation and caustic crystallization in the body cavity. Visit www.chemtrol.com for more information.

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