Pulsafeeder—PTSA Probe for Cooling Tower Controller

Pulsafeeder continues to lead the industry with quality metering pumps, controllers, and systems.  The New MicroVision EX cooling tower controllers offer measurement options for conductivity, pH, ORP, and PTSA with available 4-20mA input.

PTSA is a fluorescent dye used for measurement and monitoring of water systems.  Fluorescents are used by water treatment professionals to measure chemicals in water system with a fluorometer.

Pulsafeeder’s MicroVision EX controllers provide a simple, intuitive programming solution for many water treatment professionals.  Also available mounted on custom fabricated Pulsafeeder panel systems with flow switch and optional pump mounts designed to provide complete and easy to install solutions for cooling tower applications.

Key Features

  • PTSA options: Pyxis ST-500, Turner Little Dipper™ 2.
  • Toroidal conductivity sensor.
  • Web access and remote communication via Pulsalink.net.
  • Multiple level security codes.
  • Up to 10 digital inputs.
  • Optional 4-20mA analog outputs.
  • Battery backup.
  • USB data logging is standard.

For more information, visit www.pulsatron.com.