Pulsafeeder—New PEPkit Pump Enhancement Parts Kit

What’s better than a our standard KOPkit—Keep on Pumping Kit?  A PEPkit of course!

The New PEPkit, which stands for Pump Enhancement Parts Kit, includes all of the essential parts needed to keep a pump running like new.  When performing maintenance on a metering pump it is important to consider all of the system components that ensure safe and reliable performance.

New PEPkit  includes:

  • KOPkit—The most common service parts (Reagent Head, suction and discharge valves, diaphragm, and hardware)
  • Bleed Valve—For safe and easy priming.
  • Injection Valve—Optimum inline injection and mix.
  • Foot Valve Strainer—Fast consistent priming.
  • Replacement Tubing—Prevent bursts or leaks.
  • Detailed service instructions

Contact our team for more detailed information on our complete list of pump maintenance and repair kits.