Pulsafeeder—Digital Glycol Feeders

Glycol is especially necessary for chiller condenser water and cooling towers when the cooling tower is used in the winter time.  The glycol prevents the water from freezing in extremely cold weather.  Pulsafeeder’s Digital Glycol Feeder provides a consistent operating pressure in closed loop systems.  This allows a controlled percentage of glycol solution to be fed from the 55 gallon tank.

The Digital Glycol Feeder is available in two models; the DGF1 for single loop and the DGF2 for dual loop systems.

Controller Features

Touch Keypad User Interface for Gear Pump Operation
LED Indicators Loss of Pressure and Low Level
HOA control of pumps and alarm to force relay OFF indefinitely or force relay ON for 5 minutes
Dual alarm relay outputs are configured for dry contact or powered

The control unit utilizes an 8-bit microcontroller for precise feed system control in a NEMA4X enclosure.  The pre-plumbed assembly includes a pressure gauge, pressure switch, and pressure relief valve to prevent excessive pressure build up.  A low liquid level switch with optional audible alarm prevents the gear pump from operating when the solution is low.

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