Pulsafeeder BLACKLINE MD Pump Provides Solution

The new Pulsafeeder BLACKLINE Series MD is a motor driven, spring return mechanical diaphragm metering pump for precise and accurate metering control. The Series MD includes oil lubricated ball bearings, long life reinforced PTFE diaphragm, micrometer style stroke length adjuster and many liquid end material options to suit any application.

The new BLACKLINE pumps were recently installed at a major chemical plant in the Gulf Coast where water pH control had been difficult.  Plant engineers chose the BLACKLINE pumps due their increased flow rates, pressures, long life diaphragm, and optional PVDF head for corrosion resistance.

The BLACKLINE pumps were used to help meter various chemicals including sulfuric acid to manage pH levels effectively in several water retention ponds.  Plant maintenance personnel were pleased with the consistent performance and reliability of BLACKLINE pumps.