IPS Weld-On—Thread Sealants and More!

Your single source supplier of Thread Sealants, Compounds, and Lubricants.

Many installations and final connections require their own sealants, putty lubricants and other compounds to complete the job.  IPS Weld-On offers these products that exceed industry standards.


  • All Seal
  • Blue Seal with Teflon®
  • White Seal with Teflon®
  • Gold Seal
  • 505 Key-Tite

Waterproof Compound

  • Epoxy Sticks
  • Soft Seal Plumbers Putty


  • Seal Lube
  • Gasket Lubricant
  • All New EZ Flush
  • Blue Pipe Lubricant

Cutting Oil

  • Dark Cutting Oil
  • Light Cutting Oil

IPS Weld-On continues to lead the industry with quality primers, cements and more.  For complete product information and product comparisons, visit www.weldon.com.