IPS Weld-On Quality Test-Tite® Test Plugs

Test-Tite® is the first in the industry to offer a full line of pneumatic test plugs with pressure relief valves that release excess pressure into the atmosphere, reducing the risk of over inflation. Inflatable pneumatic test plugs are designed to provide temporary sealing in pipe systems for up to 24 hours. Manufactured using high tensile, natural rubber,

Test-Tite pneumatic test plugs have excellent holding and sealing ability and many can withstand back pressure as high as 17 psi (1.1 bar) or 40 feet of water.

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Test-Tite test plugs are industry leading and able to seal in irregular or rough pipe surfaces under normal operating conditions. Qualities such as rubber thickness, durometer, and durability, utility valve cap, sash link connecting chain (the strongest), and safety ring tag are well recognized by professionals as being the best.