Chemtrol—Ideal for Wastewater Systems

Industrial wastewater can be laden with chemicals, toxins, and pollutants that must be treated properly before it is discharged to the environment or to a municipal wastewater treatment facility.

Now, consider the benefits of using Chemtrol thermoplastic pipe, valves and fittings.  Chemtrol thermoplastics can be applied to the following processes for industrial wastewater treatment:

Neutralization—Through this process, acids and alkali are balanced to achieve the optimal pH levels for treating wastewater.

Solid Waste Removal—This process may consist of several stages including the introduction of organics, polymers, flocculants or pressure filtration.

VOC Removal—This process may remove the VOCs through a “flashing off” heat process. Vapors are either removed or fed back into the system to be re-treated.

Chemtrol Schedule 80 PVC, CPVC, PP, or PVDF piping systems can handle the most aggressive media. Chemtrol thermoplastics resist corrosion, and chemical attack by acids, alkalis, salt solutions, and a wide range of other chemicals.  Contact our sales team for more details and get the latest copy of the Chemtrol Handbook.