Chemtrol CPVC Approved for Marine Applications

Chemtrol®, a brand of NIBCO, is pleased to announce that Chemtrol CPVC Schedule 80 fittings are approved by the US Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping for use in marine applications.  The material of construction is rigid CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) used in the manufacture of Schedule 80 piping components with Lubrizol Corzan® 3212 material with Cell Classification 23447 as identified in ASTM D1784.

Coast Guard Approval 1/2” – 8”.
ABS Type Approval 1/4” – 10”.
Used in shipping and offshore platforms.
Used in water and wastewater treatment systems.

The CPVC fittings are intended for marine and offshore applications for non-essential systems including fresh water, seawater, potable water, drains, sanitary, vents, and brine in services requiring no fire endurance testing or electrical conductivity.  CPVC fittings of nominal diameters 1/2” to less than 2” meet Low Flame Spread Requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard FTP Code Annex 1, Part 5 only. CPVC fittings of nominal diameters 2” to 8” meet the Low Flame Spread, and Smoke and Toxicity requirements of U.S. Coast Guard FTP Code Annex 1, parts 2 and 5.

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