Turn on the power to the pump.  The green LED (not available on all models) will light up and flash off each time the pump strokes.

Adjust the stroke rate knob to the 100% setting mark.

Adjust the stroke length knob to the 100% setting mark if applicable.

If the discharge line is connected directly to a pressurized system it should be temporarily bypassed during priming of the pump. A bleed valve will simplify this operation by allowing easy bypass of the discharge fluid.  Air must be purged from the pump-head before the pump will operate against pressure.

While pump is running, turn adjustment knob counterclockwise.

Air Bleed Operation
Run with valve open until a solid stream of fluid comes out of the bypass tubing with no air bubbles.

Close air bleed valve by turning adjustment screw clockwise.

Chemical should reach the pump head after a few minutes of operation.  If not, remove the discharge fitting and moisten the discharge valve area (ball check and valve seats) with a few drops of chemical being fed to the metering pump.  For safety, always use protective clothing and gloves, wear safety glasses and use a proper container to hold the chemical.

If the pump continues not to prime, refer Troubleshooting in IOM.

Once the pump has been primed and is pumping the chemical through the head, turn off the power, reconnect the discharge tubing (if it had been removed) and immediately clean any spilled chemical that is on the pump housing or head.

Turn the power on once more and adjust the pump flow to the desired rate.

Always check the calibration of the pump after start-up.  It’s best to calibrate the pump under your typical use conditions.

mark nelson says:

These pumps work great. peristaltic pumps.

Bryan Foust says:

Thanks for the feedback Mark. Peristaltic pumps do reduce issues with priming, but you have the added maintenance issue of replacing the tubing on a regular basis. You also have limited flow rates/pressures. Pulsafeeder offer the Chem-Tech Series XP Peristaltic pump if interested. For oxidizing chemicals like sodium hypochlorite (bleach) we also offer a PULSAtron diaphragm pump with Degas Head that is self-priming and significantly reduces priming issues in field. Please contact our team if we can offer quote on any of our products. Click on this link for more information Thanks again.

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