April 1, 2012 – The Woodlands, TX – IPS®—Weld-On® 724 for Caustic Applications   Specifically formulated for joining CPVC industrial piping systems carrying corrosive chemicals, Weld-On 724™ is the most chemical resistant CPVC solvent cement in the industry. Laboratory analysis showed no joint failure even after 2,500 hours of pressure tests in numerous chemical solutions.  Weld-On 724™ meets ASTM F-493 standard, and is approved for Corzan® industrial piping systems in all classes and schedules with interference fit through 12” diameters. May be used on PVC industrial piping systems for chemical applications.  Strong Chemical Resistance to: Caustic, Hypochlorites, Mineral Acids, Aggressive Water, Other Aqueous Salt Solutions, This low VOC product meets strict environmental air quality regulations and can qualify for credit under the LEED® Green Building Rating System. Visit www.ipscorp.com for details.

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