June 20, 2011 – The Woodlands, TX – Pulsafeeder is excited to introduce the New High Speed Pulsatron Series A Plus pump with the introduction of three new pump sizes at 250 SPM.  This new offering has gone through extensive testing and will deliver outstanding performance.  Compared to the existing A Plus sizes which stroke at a maximum speed of 125 SPM, these three new sizes utilize a 250 SPM maximum rate and provide greater flow at higher pressures than has been available before (LBS2 – 12 GPD at 250 PSI; LBS3 – 33 GPD at 150 PSI; LBS4 – 58 GPD at 100 PSI).

The new Series A Plus pump primes faster and easier, and the new sizes have an option for 1000:1 turndown ratio allowing for a greater range of use. The Series A Plus pump has been the industry standard for years in the Water Treatment industry and are perfect for use with the MicroVision conductivity controllers. The pumps can be sold separately or panel mounted for a complete system.   For More Information Contact:

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