April 20, 2010 – The Woodlands, TX – NIBCO, Inc. is pleased to announce the ABS Type Approval for their Corzan® CPVC fittings for shipboard use.  This approval is for NIBCO Corzan CPVC Schedule 80 fittings ¼” through 12″.

Plastic piping continues to gain acceptance for use on board ships due to its inherent corrosion resistance.  NIBCO  Corzan CPVC fittings can be used in non-hazardous areas of ships, MODUs (mobile off-shore drilling units; i.e. drilling rigs), and facilities governed by ABS rules.  Uses typically include potable water, fresh water, seawater, drains and vent applications, within tanks and pipe tunnels, and on surface decks.  ABS rules governing applications of use must be followed by the designer/user.  Refer to Intended Service and Service Restrictions called out on NIBCO’s ABS Approval certificate for additional information.   For More Information Contact:

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