May 20, 2017 – The Woodlands, TX – IPS Weld-On—Your single source supplier of Thread Sealants, Compounds, and Lubricants.

Many installations and final connections require their own sealants, putty lubricants and other compounds to complete the job.  IPS Weld-On offers these products that exceed industry standards.


  • All Seal
  • Blue Seal with Teflon®
  • White Seal with Teflon®
  • Gold Seal
  • 505 Key-Tite

Waterproof Compound

  • Epoxy Sticks
  • Soft Seal Plumbers Putty


  • Seal Lube
  • Gasket Lubricant
  • All New EZ Flush
  • Blue Pipe Lubricant

Cutting Oil

  • Dark Cutting Oil
  • Light Cutting Oil

IPS Weld-On continues to lead the industry with quality primers, cements and more.  For complete product information and product comparisons, visit