IPS-SuperDauberSeptember 10, 2015 – The Woodlands, TX – Weld-On is excited to announce a NEW accessory to their product line.  The SuperDauber™ is a newly engineered dauber with fully adjustable telescopic stem, easy-grip ribbed handle and shed-resistant dauber material. The SuperDauber complements IPS Weld-On’s complete line of accessories including the innovative SuperSwab for larger diameter applications.

SuperDauber Features: Fully adjustable, telescopic stem to fit both quart and pint cans;  Easy grip, ribbed handle allows better dauber control;  Shed-resistant dauber material for smooth, full application of cement or primer.

For technical information or pricing on IPS Weld-On products, please contact our sales team or visit IPS Weld-On’s newly updated website at www.weldon.com.

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