Volume 9, Issue 4

Foust Marketing Introduces New Portable Power Pipe Bevellers.

Foust Marketing is excited to introduce our NEW portable power pipe bevellers. We recently acquired the assets and technology from the company that developed the highly popular PB-150  Corded Beveller) and PB-200 (Cordless Beveller).

Key features include:
Versatile – Bevels all plastic pipe 2” – 24” diameters and larger.
Corded (PB-150) – Electrical connection for continuous duty.
Cordless (PB-200) – Powerful 18 volt battery provides enough power for 30 or more bevels on 6 inch pipe between charges.
Light weight – Less than 6 lbs.
Easy to Use – Proficient after only a few bevels.
Affordable – Labor savings on the first project pays for the beveller.
Quality – CNC machined components.

Tools are tested prior to shipment.  These bevellers are designed to solve a common installation issue in the field. All plastic pipe joints MUST be beveled prior to installation. Prior to these bevellers, there was not an easy way to bevel the pipe. Installing contractors would either NOT bevel the pipe, or attempt time consuming hand filing of the joint. Both the corded and cordless models are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. For stocking programs and discounts, contact our sales team at 281-296-2500.

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