Volume 14, Issue 5

The Lutz B200 Container Pump is an alternative when containers are stored above each other.  Lutz B200 is directly connected to the bottom outlet valve.  When access from above the container is not possible the bottom drain can be used.  For this purpose the new horizontal Lutz B200 is directly connected to the bottom outlet valve.  In combination with hose and nozzle, this pump allows a controlled filling and be operated against a closed valve.


  • Centrifugal pump with axial impeller in compact design, small space requirement.
  • Directly connected to the bottom outlet valve of the IBC with standard union nut (S60 x 6).
  • Variable drive concept (different universal and air-driven motors).
  • Easy disassembly, two-piece pump with clamp connections acc. to DIN 32676.
  • No suction hose necessary, thus significantly lower product release when disconnecting.
  • Explosion proof versions for applications in EX-areas (Zone 1 and 2), including check valve.
  • Significantly better hydraulic capacity in comparison to hydrostatic outlet.
  • Operation against closed valves (e.g. ball valve, nozzle) is possible at any time.

Watch the video at the following link:  foustmarketing.com/videos/lutz-b200-horizontal-container-pump.

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