Volume 12, Issue 2

IPS Weld-On offers ASME B31.3  bonder qualification for the solvent welding process in accordance with ASTM D2855.  The class covers the following:

  • Basic principles of solvent welding.
  • Proper techniques for solvent welding plastic joints.
  • Importance of correct sized applicators.
  • Set and cure times.
  • Solvent welding tips – hot and cold weather.
  • Causes of failed joints.
  • Repairs.
  • Safety precautions.

Weld-On then provides hydrostatic pressure testing of coupons at the Weld-On Hydro Lab to 680 psi in accordance with ASME B31.3 A328 2.5(c) bonder qualification performance standard.  In addition, Foust Marketing partners with IPS Weld-On to offer this training on a regional level.  Contact our team for more information or visit www.weldon.com.

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