Volume 14, Issue 6

King Hy-Pact® is ideal for the Food Processing and Packaging industry.  King Hy-Pact® is the super tough industrial polymer sheet that is environmentally stabilized with excellent physical properties. After 2,000 hours of UV exposure tests, King Hy-Pact® outperforms both UV stabilized HDPE and UHMW with superior toughness in wear resistance, flexibility and high-impact strength. Features UV... Read More

Volume 14, Issue 5

The Lutz B200 Container Pump is an alternative when containers are stored above each other.  Lutz B200 is directly connected to the bottom outlet valve.  When access from above the container is not possible the bottom drain can be used.  For this purpose the new horizontal Lutz B200 is directly connected to the bottom outlet... Read More

Volume 14, Issue 4

Lotorq LT Series Gaskets from ICON Process Controls are recommended for all types of non-metallic plastic flanges to help prevent initial breakage due to bolt over-tightening.  The unique double convex raised O-Ring design provides excellent sealing with 75% less bolt torque required for flat face gaskets.  The PTFE gaskets have PTFE sheet material bonded directly... Read More

Volume 14, Issue 3

Truflo® Industrial plastic pressure gauges provide accurate, reliable, pressure measurement.  The OBS Series plastic pressure gauges are designed to outperform metallic pressure gauges in corrosive applications.  The OBS Series plastic pressure gauges come with an integrally molded gauge guard (isolator) to protect the gauge from corrosive liquids. The OBS–GO plastic gauge consists of a polypropylene... Read More

Volume 14, Issue 2

Pulsafeeder continues to lead the industry with innovative products including chemical metering pumps, controllers, pre-engineered skid systems, and accessories.  Pulsafeeder is pleased to introduce the latest accessory addition.  The Capacitor Return Motorized Ball Valve is a ball valve that uses an electric actuator to open or close its mechanism versus a solenoid valve. This type... Read More

Volume 14, Issue 1

The MicroVision Timer is a microprocessor-based selectable timer controller.  Designed specifically for timer based control applications, MicroVision Timer comes standard with the features and functions you need for accurate timer based control.  The MicroVision Timer is a full function controller in a compact package that won’t break your budget! Features Intuitive programming. Large graphical display.... Read More

Volume 13, Issue 6

King Plastic is excited to announce the New and Improved King CuttingBoard® Family of Products!  Now manufactured with an advanced antimicrobial technology to produce a more effective application compared to our formerly untreated cutting board polymer sheet. The antimicrobial technology inhibits product-damaging microbes from causing stains and odors on the cutting board surface.  Studies have shown... Read More

Volume 13, Issue 5

Foust Marketing carries a complete line of pipe installation tools including small and large diameter pipe pullers, portable pipe bevellers, and pipe cutters.  We stock complete sets of New and Rental pipe and fitting tools.  We also offer installation training and certification to ASME B31.3.  Include these tools on your pipe installation. P-0412 – 4″-12″... Read More

Volume 13, Issue 4

There are many occasions when solvent welding plastic pipe in 95°F (35°C) temperature and above cannot be avoided.  However, by using Weld-On solvent cements and by following  our standard instructions with a little extra care as outlined below, successful leak-proof joints can be made in even the most extreme hot weather conditions.  Tips to follow... Read More

Volume 13, Issue 3

PULSAtron chemical metering pumps continues to set the standard in the industry.  PULSAtron can handle a variety of gaseous solutions.  The PULSAtron family consists of flow rates from 3 GPD to 600 GPD. Most models include standard bleed valve assembly, foot strainer, injection valve and tubing.  No matter what your application is, choose the PULSAtron... Read More

Volume 13, Issue 2

King Plasti-Shield® is an effective shielding material with 5% boron by weight and our trademark purple color to meet all applicable applications for healthcare cancer treatment centers, diagnostic and hospital facilities.  Applications include linear accelerators, nuclear or radiation shielding, industrial use, security such as seaports and airport security, nuclear submarines, nuclear power plants, border protection... Read More

Volume 13, Issue 1

Pulsafeeder continues to lead the industry with quality metering pumps, controllers, and systems.  The New MicroVision EX cooling tower controllers offer measurement options for conductivity, pH, ORP, and PTSA with available 4-20mA input. PTSA is a fluorescent dye used for measurement and monitoring of water systems.  Fluorescents are used by water treatment professionals to measure... Read More

Volume 12, Issue 6

Glycol is especially necessary for chiller condenser water and cooling towers when the cooling tower is used in the winter time.  The glycol prevents the water from freezing in extremely cold weather.  Pulsafeeder’s Digital Glycol Feeder provides a consistent operating pressure in closed loop systems.  This allows a controlled percentage of glycol solution to be... Read More

Volume 12, Issue 5

Industrial wastewater can be laden with chemicals, toxins, and pollutants that must be treated properly before it is discharged to the environment or to a municipal wastewater treatment facility. Now, consider the benefits of using Chemtrol thermoplastic pipe, valves and fittings.  Chemtrol thermoplastics can be applied to the following processes for industrial wastewater treatment: Neutralization—Through... Read More

Volume 12, Issue 4

King StarBoard® AS is a sure-grip, marine-grade, decking material designed specifically for high-traffic areas. This unique product features a special high-friction surface polymer in a diamond or dot pattern to prevent slipping and promote drainage.   In addition to traditional marine and commercial swimming pool applications, King StarBoard® AS is ideal for many industrial, water and... Read More

Volume 12, Issue 3

Pulsafeeder continues to lead the industry with quality chemical metering pumps, controllers, and panel mount systems for water treatment of cooling tower and boiler water.  With the recent release of the NEW MicroVision EX controllers for conductivity, pH, and ORP, Pulsafeeder is pleased to announce the release of the NEW easy access conductivity probe tee.... Read More

Volume 12, Issue 2

IPS Weld-On offers ASME B31.3  bonder qualification for the solvent welding process in accordance with ASTM D2855.  The class covers the following: Basic principles of solvent welding. Proper techniques for solvent welding plastic joints. Importance of correct sized applicators. Set and cure times. Solvent welding tips – hot and cold weather. Causes of failed joints.... Read More

Volume 12, Issue 1

King MediGrade™ is a super tough polymer sheet with an exclusive antimicrobial additive from Biosafe®, the latest technology for protecting the product surface against stain and odor causing bacteria, algae and fungi. The antimicrobial agent is bonded at the molecular level and will not leach out of the product. Unlike surface antimicrobials, the Biosafe additive... Read More

Volume 11, Issue 6

King Hy-Pact® is the super tough industrial polymer sheet that is environmentally stabilized with excellent physical properties and is a cost effective material. Tests have shown after 2,000 hours of UV exposure, King Hy-Pact outperforms both UV stabilized HDPE and UHMW with superior toughness in wear resistance, flexibility and high-impact strength. Compared to competing materials,... Read More

Volume 11, Issue 5

Established in 1970, Harrison Machine & Plastic Corporation is involved in the fabrication and distribution of plastics primarily to the industrial market, where fluid and air handling systems are used in extremely corrosive environments. Harrison can custom fabricate your large diameter pressure, drainage, and duct fittings from PP, PVC, CPVC, PE, and PVDF. Harrison Machine... Read More

Volume 11, Issue 4

SCIGRIP 45 is a fast curing, two-component, low VOC, reactive structural adhesive formulated for bonding a wide variety of metals, plastics, wood, concrete, brick, fiberglass, and many other substrates.  SCIGRIP 45 outperforms the competition when lap shear strengths were tested with a variety of materials including aluminum, fiberglass and acrylic. Features/Performance Benefits: Primerless bonding for... Read More

Volume 11, Issue 3

IPS Weld-On® continues to lead the industry in quality technical support and training. In anticipation of the upcoming summer season, the following are some useful tips on how to best handle solvent cement, primer and plastic pipe and fittings in hot weather conditions. Good joints can be made with Weld-On® solvent cements in the most... Read More

Volume 11, Issue 2

The Pulsatron Series T7 programmable timer pump was designed to feed chemical products on a timed schedule for  conditions that do not require or have a controller available.  Typical applications include the feed of biocides in cooling towers. The feed cycle is initiated and controlled by the programmable timer.  The Series T7 provides everything you... Read More

Volume 11, Issue 1

King ColorCore® is a versatile, environmentally stabilized sheet with multiple layers of contrasting colors. Its thin cap layers and bright primary colors make it ideal for signage, marine, playground and recreational applications. King ColorCore® and ColorBoard® sheets have many new innovative applications including: Engraved tool storage boards (similar to pegboards), cabinets, and mobile tool carts.... Read More

Volume 10, Issue 6

Harrison—Superduct® Solution for Corrosive Ventilation Harrison Machine & Plastic Superduct® piping systems are custom fabricated to specifications. Harrison Superduct® is offered from 2″ to 60″ and available in PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, and HDPE materials. A Harrison CPVC Superduct® system was installed at the new chemical research building at Texas A&M University. Harrison was selected... Read More

Volume 10, Issue 5

Pulsafeeder—MicroVision Cooling Tower Controller with Toroidal Probe Cooling towers are heat removal devices used to transfer process waste heat to the atmosphere.  Cooling towers may use air and the evaporation of water to remove heat and cool the working fluid to near the air temperature. Cooling tower water systems are subject to corrosion, scaling, deposition,... Read More

Volume 10, Issue 4

King Plastic—King KPC ABS Ideal for Machining Applications. The advantage of King KPC ABS is that this material combines strength and rigidity of the acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of the polybutadiene rubber.  A variety of modifications have been made to improve impact resistance, toughness and heat resistance. The impact resistance does not... Read More

Volume 10, Issue 3

Chemtrol® CPVC Fittings Approved for Marine Applications.  Chemtrol®, a brand of NIBCO, is pleased to announce that Chemtrol CPVC Schedule 80 fittings are approved by the US Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping for use in marine applications.  The material of construction is rigid CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) used in the manufacture of... Read More

Volume 10, Issue 2

SCIGRIP—A New PPX5 Polyolefin Adhesive. Designers of plastic components are often faced with the problem of wanting to use low energy surface plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene because of their inherent benefits, such as low cost, durability, etc. They have to devise mechanical means of joining the New PPX5 Polyolefin Adhesive parts to other... Read More

Volume 10, Issue 1

IPS Weld-On® Celebrates 60 Years and Millions of Joints. Millions of Joints. One Mission. At Weld-On, they have only one mission: to provide you, our valued customers, with the world’s most trusted line of solvent cements and primers, proven in literally millions of reliable, leak-free connections. For over 60 years, they have been 100% focused... Read More

Volume 9, Issue 6

King ColorCore® Ideal for Engraving Applications. King ColorCore® is environmentally stabilized high-density polyethylene sheet which has been developed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. It can be used in wet areas that need to be washed often for cleaning, or are regularly exposed to moisture. It can be Ideal for Engraving Applications fabricated using common woodworking... Read More

Volume 9, Issue 5

Pulsafeeder—New Polymer Makedown System. The Polymer Makedown System from Pulsafeeder is a simple and cost-effective way of mixing neat polymer with water to effectively makedown the neat polymer into polymer suitable for water  treatment.  The Polymer Makedown System features a proprietary Static Blending System which provides excellent dilution, and offered in manual and automatic control that can include... Read More

Volume 9, Issue 4

Foust Marketing Introduces New Portable Power Pipe Bevellers. Foust Marketing is excited to introduce our NEW portable power pipe bevellers. We recently acquired the assets and technology from the company that developed the highly popular PB-150  Corded Beveller) and PB-200 (Cordless Beveller). Key features include: Versatile – Bevels all plastic pipe 2” – 24” diameters... Read More

Volume 9, Issue 3

King StarLite® XL—The Ultimate Building Material King StarLite® XL is an economical cellular (closed cell) utility sheet made from select high-grade King StarBoard® recycled polymer material. It is ideal for boat parts, upholstery substrates, cabinet drawers, and other applications where edges aren’t visible. King StarLite® XL is up to 35% lighter in weight that King... Read More

Volume 9, Issue 2

SCIGRIP Acrylic Assembly Adhesives. SCIGRIP Assembly Adhesives are used extensively in sign fabrication. Strong butt joints are made with flat sheets by using the soak method for such applications as cementing letters to acrylic panels.  Butyrate trim-capping of acrylics is another highly recommended use for SCIGRIP assembly adhesives.  It is also widely used in the POP... Read More

Volume 9, Issue 1

Pulsafeeder—MEC-O-MATIC Series Dolphin Pump. For chemical solution and slurry metering, MEC-O-MATIC Dolphin Series peristaltic pumps are designed, engineered, and built to last. The pump case is molded of a rugged chemical resistant ABS. Mounting pads and a built-in wall mounting bracket allow a choice of flat or wall mounted installation.  The thermal or impedance protected... Read More