Tough Resistant IPS 724 Weld-On Cement

Specifically formulated for joining CPVC and PVC industrial piping systems carrying corrosive chemicals, Weld-On 724™ is the most chemical resistant CPVC solvent cement in the industry.  Laboratory analysis showed no joint failure even after 2,500 hours of pressure tests in numerous chemical solutions.
Weld-On 724™ is UPC and NSF listed, meets ASTM F493 standard, and is approved for Corzan® industrial piping systems. For CPVC and PVC pipe and fittings with interference fit up to 12 inches diameter, all classes & schedules.  The use of Weld-On® P-70™ Primer is recommended when installing CPVC and PVC piping systems for chemical applications.

There will be variables that will affect the chemical resistance of thermoplastic piping systems such as: temperature, pressure, chemical concentration, and external stresses that may exist in the design and construction of the system.  Be sure to take into consideration the specific use conditions that will apply to your project.