SCIGRIP 1707 Adhesive Ideal for Bonding ABS Substrates

SCIGRIP® 1707 ABS adhesive is specifically formulated for bonding ABS plastic only. The adhesive is a milky, syrupy consistency, medium bodied, fast drying solvent cement. It forms high strength bonds in joining ABS materials. The properties of its bonds are high strength, rigid, and generally free from crazing. Chemical, physical, and electrical properties are similar to those of ABS materials. 1707 is suitable for a wide variety of applications. SCIGRIP offers other ABS adhesives that includes 4707(low VOC version of 1707), and 2354 formulated for bonding ABS, styrene (general purpose high impact), acrylics and polycarbonates to themselves. It should not be used for joining dissimilar materials such as: ABS to styrene, ABS to acrylics, ABS to PVC or PVC to styrene. Contact us for more information or download the Assembly Adhesive Selection Guide at