Pulsatron T7 Programmable Timer Pump

The Pulsatron Series T7 programmable timer pump was designed to feed chemical products on a timed schedule for conditions that do not require or have a controller available. Typical applications include the feed of biocides in cooling towers. The feed cycle is initiated and controlled by the programmable timer. The Series T7 provides everything you need in one unique, compact package to create a simple and cost effective metering system for timed applications.

A 7-day programmable timer controls the Series T7 in 1-minute increments with up to 8 on/off cycles/day. Each timed event can be set to run any day of the week on a 7-day cycle.

Other control features include a standby mode, continuous ‘ON’ mode and the ability to adjust the stroke length from 0 to 100%.

Four distinct models are available, having pressure capabilities to 100 PSIG (7.0 BAR) @ 12 GPD (1.9 lph), and flow capabilities to 48 GPD (7.6 lph) @ 50 PSIG (3.3 BAR), with a turndown ratio of 10:1. Metering performance is reproducible to within ± 3% of maximum capacity.