Pulsatron Pumps Used in Fertigation Industry

Pulsafeeder pumps have been successfully used in many chemical, wastewater, and water treatment applications. They are also successfully used in the fertigation industry. Fertigation is the process of injecting plant and soil nutrients into irrigation water to feed lightly with each drop of water.

“We have used Pulsafeeder pumps for over 15 years after using every other metering pump. We selected Pulsafeeder pumps because they are dependable, durable, and priced right”, says Michael Chaplinsky, President/Founder Turf Feeding Systems, “Foust Marketing has been a great strategic partner supporting us with technical expertise and quality Pulsafeeder pumps.”

Pulsafeeder pumps are used successfully in the Fertigation industry worldwide, and was recently used in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and installed on the 2016 Olympic Golf Course irrigation.