Pulsafeeder—Quality Chemical Injection Valves

Pulsafeeder manufactures quality injection valves (injection quills) designed to ensure that chemical feed systems inject into the center of a process stream for better mixing and prevent corrosion in the process pipe. Injection valves are mounted at the point of injection and connected to the metering pump line.  The injection spring-loaded check valve protects against backflow, and produces a defined back pressure.  Robust construction ensures reliability in the rigorous service of municipal and industrial applications.

Injection valves are provided with each Pulsafeeder chemical metering pump and available in PVC, PP, PVDF, and stainless steel.  Pulsafeeder injection valves are preferred by many water treatment professionals.

For information on Pulsafeeder’s quality pumps, controllers, systems, and accessories, visit www.pulsatron.com.