Pulsafeeder—New Features for MicroVision EX Controller

Get simple, reliable and accurate control of conductivity, pH, ORP, PTSA and more including the latest new features of the MicroVision EX controller.

Remotely Configure Your Controller with the new Install Wizard that helps configure controllers quick, easy, error proof, and customizable.

Improve ROI on chemical controls with Flow Meters integrated with PULSAtron pumps and MicroVision EX controllers.  Manage chemical usage and minimize loss and/or overfeed.

MODBUS BMS Integration—Connect to a SCADA system via Modbus TCP communication protocol.

Corrosion Sensor—Online corrosion monitoring.  Choice of 2 metal tips: Mild steel and Copper.

High Pressure Application can withstand pressures up to 300 psi for high rise buildings.

Modem Connectivity—Order MicroVision EX with Modem Millie installed on a choice of panels.

For more details, contact our sales team for specifications, or visit www.pulsatron.com.