Pulsafeeder—Gear Low Flow Meter

Pulsafeeder’s Gear Low Flow Meter is a precision flow meter that provides metering to their PULSAtron models with flow range of 0.25 to 1.85 GPH or 6.0 to 44.4 GPD.  It is comprised of non-metallic wetted components, meter body and gears molded in PVDF.  Gear cover to meter body is sealed with a Viton O-ring, and the magnet is ceramic for excellent chemical resistance. The Low

Purchased to integrate into the MicroVision EX controller and when used with PULSAlink, the Pulsafeeder Low Flow Meter opens up a whole new level of reporting.  Your MicroVision EX controller can measure the amount of each chemical used, when using Pulsafeeder’s Low Flow Meter through Hall Effect (K factor) water meter input.  The Low Flow Meter integrates into the MicroVision EX for calibrated results allowing plotting of chemical totalization through PULSAlink.  This charting can be scaled with time, corroborates with probe readings and relay states, and plots the total chemical dosed in the system.  For more information, download the Pulsafeeder specification at Gear Low Flow Meter.