Pulsafeeder Chem-Tech XP Peristaltic Timer Pump

The Chem-Tech Series XP pump with peristaltic technology delivers worry-free dosing in a modern design.  Each and every component of the Series XP  is designed and manufactured for optimum reliability and durability for REAL performance.

The XP Timer model pump includes Digital 7 Day – 8 Event Electronic Timer that provides reliable pump control (4 GPD at 125 PSI to 80 GPD at 25 PSI).

  • Fixed Rate Model—Simple fixed rate pumps.
  • Adjustable Model—20:1 Turndown Control
  • Three Input Models—Pulse Input, Flow Switch Activated, and Dry Contact Input.
  • Timer Model—7 Day – 8 Event Electronic Timer

Tubing materials include standard Norprene tube material in Low Pressure ratings – extended tube life, High Pressure ratings to meet demanding system requirements.  Fluran tubing also available for chemical resistance.  For more information, visit www.pulsatron.com.