PB-200 Cordless Beveller Stocking Program

All plastic pipe joints must be beveled prior to installation.  Beveling the pipe is an important step in the proper solvent cementing techniques.  This can be accomplished easily on larger diameter plastic pipe with the PB-200 Cordless Portable Power Beveller.  Ideal for industrial, plumbing, and  irrigation applications for beveling plastic pipe.

Foust Marketing is pleased to introduce our NEW stocking program for PB-200 portable power pipe bevellers.  The stocking program will be available for interested distributors.  Program will only be available for a limited time and restricted to a select list of partner distributors.  PB-200 Kit includes: PB-200 tool, Two (2) long lasting batteries, battery charger, and carrying case.  Distributors interested in stocking the PB-200 should contact our sales team at sales@foustmarketing.com for special pricing and terms.