NIBCO Red Kynar® PVDF Piping System

NIBCO (Chemtrol) manufactures red and natural Kynar® PVDF piping components. PVDF is a tough, abrasion resistant fluorocarbon material with maximum service temperature of 280°F.

Chemtrol red PVDF was recently installed at an OEM for a sodium hypochlorite system.  The red PVDF was specified because the basic PVDF resin is essentially transparent to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and is not degraded by sunlight.  However, the fluid medium in a PVDF piping system could be exposed to UV radiation.  To provide protection against UV degradation to the fluid medium, FDA approved red pigmentation is added to all piping components for industrial applications.

In certain industries, such as electronics, pharmaceutical, hospitals, schools, universities, food and beverages, PVDF is used because of its purity and elevated temperature capability.  For these applications, a line of piping products made from natural (unpigmented) Kynar® is available.

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