Lutz—New B1 and B2 Battery Operated Drum Pumps

With the development of the new B1 and B2 Battery Pumps, Lutz launches a new dimension of mobility, battery performance, weight, life, capacity and ergonomics and offers maximum flexibility for the user.  With the combination possibilities of the pump tubes in PP, PVDF and stainless steel in different lengths, a variety of fluids from different containers can be transferred safely.

Features and Benefits—BLDC motor with a high level of efficiency up to 70%, Modular construction, Lightweight, High battery capacity, Long service life, Low noise ≤ 70 dBA, Quick-action coupling, and available in polypropylene, polyvinylidene fluoride, and stainless steel.

Lutz battery operated pumps can hold a charge for up to 2500 liters or 660 gallons.  Lutz also offers a choice of complete pumps sets that can be combined with a flow meter. Lutz has optimal solutions for almost all applications.  For complete details on pump options, visit  B1 B2 Battery Drum Pumps.