Lutz—EASYZON Chlorine Dioxide Systems

In water treatment, chlorine dioxide is an effective oxidant and used, among other applications, for combating Legionella and secondary disinfection.

Chlorine dioxide is characterized by a high disinfecting effect and is effective even at high pH values that render chlorination ineffective.  The odor threshold is higher than that of chlorine, and chlorine dioxide features a higher lifetime in tap water, which makes it more appropriate for ramified pipe systems.

The EASYZON 15g/30g Cl02 generators each provide a compact system for the on-site production of chlorine dioxide.  The EASYZON ClO2 generator produces chlorine dioxide from hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite, reacting at a 1:1 ratio to reach a  ClO2 solution.

In short, the systems offer high efficient on-site—on-demand ClO2 production; compact, pre-assembled unit; integrated monitoring of all functions; and built-in safety features.  For complete details, download brochure at Chlorine Dioxide System.