King PipeGrade®—High Performance HDPE for Pipe Industry

King PipeGrade® is a high performance HDPE material for the pipe industry.  The material is chemically resistant and UV stabilized, great for outdoor applications. Available in sheets, slabs and massive shapes.  King PipeGrade® PE 100 material is compliant to ASTM 4710 and 3350 as a standard material.  King PipeGrade® PE 100 is completely compatible and 100% interchangeable for use in applications that presently use ASTM 3608 – PE 80 material.  King PipeGrade® is FDA and NSF Standard 14 certified and complies with ANSI/NSF Standard 61 to be used in potable water piping systems.  King PipeGrade® PE 100 tends to have a higher hydrostatic design basis (HDB) than other resins but most significantly is the notched tensile/slow crack PENT test which is > 10,000 hours vs. 100-200 hours for others.  Service life is 50 – 100 years per ISO CRS 10 MPa @ 20º C or 68º F.  For more information, visit