IPS Weld-On Cementing Tips for Hot Weather

IPS Weld-On® continues to lead the industry in quality technical support and training. In anticipation of the upcoming summer season, the following are some useful tips on how to best handle solvent cement, primer and plastic pipe and fittings in hot weather conditions.

Good joints can be made with Weld-On® solvent cements in the most extreme hot weather conditions.

Use primers along with a higher viscosity (thicker) solvent cement to allow for more work time in hot weather conditions.
Cool surfaces to be joined by wiping with a damp rag. Be sure that the surface is dry prior to applying the solvent cement.
Make sure that both surfaces to be joined are still wet with solvent cement before assembly.
Store solvent cement and primers in cool or shaded areas.Assemble pipe and fittings in the shade and in the cooler morning hours whenever possible, and never in direct sunlight.

IPS Weld-On and the Foust Marketing team offers complete installation training for small and large diameter pipe and fittings.

Visit the full technical article at www.weldon.com/pdf/weldon/hot_weather.pdf. For more information, contact our sales team or IPS technical service line at 877-477-8327.