IPS Weld-On—New ECO Series Promotional Buy

IPS Weld-On is now offering a Promotional Buy on the New ECO Series solvent cements.

Promotional Buy

  • Buy 7 cases of Weld-On ECO Series get 6% 60 days, Net 61
  • Buy 10 cases of Weld-on ECO Series get 8% 60 days, Net 61
  • Buy 15 cases of Weld-On ECO Series get 10% 60 days, Net 61
  • Promotion dates: April 1, 2019 to May 17, 2019

Weld-On® ECO Series are environmentally responsible primers and cements with 30% lower solvent emission rate and significantly reduced odorous fumes than the current solvent cements in the market, resulting in an improved workplace environment for pipe installers.

Suitable for potable water pressure systems, irrigation, turf, foam core, conduit, industrial pipe applications, sewer, drain, waste and vent systems.

ECO Series—The strength you trust, now with ultra low VOC.  For more information, visit www.weldon.com.