Weld-On—Cold Weather Tips for Solvent Cementing Pipe

Working in freezing temperatures is never easy, but sometimes the job is necessary.  If that unavoidable job includes solvent cementing plastic pipe, you can do it successfully with Weld-On solvent cements.  Weld-On solvent cements have excellent cold weather stability for virtually all practical applications.  By following their standard instructions and using a little extra care and patience, successful solvent welded joints can be made at temperatures as low as -15ºF (-26ºC).  In cold weather, solvent cements penetrate and soften the surfaces of plastic pipe and fittings more slowly than in warm weather.  The plastic is also more resistant to solvent attack.  Therefore, it is very important to pre-soften surfaces with an aggressive primer like Weld-On P70.  A longer cure time is necessary due to a slower evaporation rate in cold weather.  Click on IPS Weld-On Cold Weather Tips to download the complete flyer including key steps to follow when in cold weather.