IPS Weld-On® and Christy’s Merchandising

IPS Weld-On® and Christy’s Mobile Merchandisers put high margin tools and jobsite essentials at your customer’s reach.   Easy to maintain merchandisers are profit centers that make your store the one-stop shop your customers will ever need.

Reach your sales and profit goals faster with Mobile Merchandisers from IPS Weld-On® and Christy’s.  A small investment yields big returns.

Impulse Sales Increase Profits

  • Customers “buy with their eyes”. Merchandisers put product where your customers see it.
  • Product selection is based on studies of best-selling items.
  • Christy’s Mobile Merchandiser turn fast and earn big profits.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Be your customer’s one-stop shop.
  • Put tools and jobsite supplies at your customer’s finger tips.
  • Keep customers from forgetting common items.

IPS Weld-On® and Christy’s Mobile Merchandisers deliver the best products, focused assortments and easy replenishment.  Contact our sales team for details and pricing.