IPS Weld-On 810/811 High-Strength Adhesives

IPS Weld-On 810/811 Adhesives are great for repairs, fabrication, and bonding of pipes and fittings.

Strong Bonds

  • Bonds ABS, styrene, acrylic, fiberglass, concrete, clay and other materials to themselves or to dissimilar materials.
  • Withstands pressure and temperature range (-30° to 200°F).
  • Great for repairing cracks and leaky pipes, valves, and fittings.
  • Excellent gap filling properties. Ideal for fabricating fittings and joining saddles to pipe.

Easy to Use

  • Same adhesive, two packaging options.
  • 810: Ideal for applications where spread coverage is necessary. Comes in DIY mixing kit pre-measured with optimal catalyst to resin mixing ratio.
  • 811: Ideal for precise applications.  Conveniently packaged in a dual cylinder cartridge for easy dispensing and application.

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