IPS Weld-On 724 Chemical Resistance for Wastewater

Industrial wastewater environments are very demanding with respect to the life expectancy of the piping connections. The need to withstand mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses in PVC and CPVC plastic piping systems necessitates greater joint strength than is possible with non-industrial cements. Specially formulated for joining CVPC and PVC industrial piping systems carrying corrosive chemicals, Weld-On 724 is the most chemical resistant CPVC solvent cement in the industry. Laboratory analysis showed no joint failures even after 2,500 hours of pressure tests in numerous chemical solutions. Weld-On cements contain a higher percentage of the most penetrating solvents and the highest quality resins which, in conjunction with the use of an industrial primer like Weld-On P-70, produce the deepest fusion in the contact area between the pipe and fitting, and fills gaps with the correct cell class resins. For more information, visit www.weldon.com.