ICON—LSS Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

The LSS Series Insertion Paddle Wheel Flow Meter has been designed to eliminate the challenges experienced by operators throughout the industry.  By listening and innovating, ICON has provided a solution to the most demanding, corrosive flow measurement applications.  By standardizing on a zirconium ceramic rotor pin, and incorporating zirconium ceramic bearings within the PFA Teflon paddle,  The LSS Series Flow Meter has eliminated the “wear” leading to damaged sensors and lost paddles, backed by a lifetime guarantee.  Now operators can accurately monitor flow, and control their process with piece of mind and confidence.  The LSS Series plastic paddle wheel flow meter offers a LED display, accuracy of 0.75% and is an excellent low-cost solution for corrosive liquids.

For more information, visit www.iconprocon.com or download the complete technical data sheet to see  all features at LSS Series Data Sheet.