ICON—LP200 Level Pressure Transmitter

The Levelpro LP200 was designed to measure Pressure or Level within industry’s most demanding corrosive process applications.  When measuring Pressure It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and can easily be installed into a threaded process pipe tee fitting.  For Level measurement applications the LP200 can simply be mounted into the side of the tank utilizing a NPT type bulkhead fitting.  The LP200 implements a state of the art ceramic measuring principle that changes the physical pressure which equates to no more than a few microns into a linear electronic signal that can be measured.  This is exactly what is required for tough industrial applications.


  • PP / PVDF / 316 SS Body
  • Pressure Range / 0 – 225 psi
  • Output / 4-20mA / 2 Wire Loop Powered
  • NPT / Union Type Connection
  • No Programming Required
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance

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