Harrison—Corrosion Resistant Duct

Harrison Machine & Plastic Superduct® piping systems are custom fabricated to specifications. Harrison Superduct® is offered from 2″ to 60″ and available in PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, and HDPE materials.

Harrison Machine & Plastic is involved in the fabrication and distribution of plastics primarily to the industrial market, where fluid and air handling systems are used in extremely corrosive environments. Harrison can custom fabricate your large diameter pressure, drainage, and duct fittings.

Harrison’s fume scrubbers are an excellent choice and manufactured out of solid PVC and PP and packed with different plastic materials.  Larger fume scrubbers and those operating at higher temperatures and moderate pressure are fabricated with a thinner internal thermoplastic barrier of PVC, PP, CPVC, and PVDF with exterior reinforced with fiberglass.  Harrison also offers solid fiberglass scrubbers.  Harrison can provide equipment engineering and fabrication of complete exhaust systems for the metal finishing, wastewater and chemical industries.

As always, “If you can’t find it, call Harrison.”