Gallina—Policarb® Policomp® Filters IR

Gallina’s IR products absorb the part of the light relative to the infrared rays, blocking effectively the solar heat, while letting the solar light through. The result is a reduction of the internal transmission of heat and a reduction of cost for cooling the area. In fact all the products from Gallina’s IR line can contribute to reduce the temperature increase up to 25% while increasing the light transmission by up to 60% with respect to other window products.

Recently opened in Sicily, the region’s largest mall, is characterized by more than 12,000 m² of translucent covering.  The application of the skylights of huge size would have allowed for tremendous internal heat build-up resulting in extraordinary air conditioning costs. The use of the Gallina’s wide polycarbonate sheets with the exclusive IR filters has help solve the problem of internal overheating.  The Polycarbonate IR sheets constitute covering of all common areas of the center permitting the passage of natural light and maintaining at the same time a comfortable internal atmosphere.

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